Sour cherry.

1 cup of sugar.


One spoon of spices.

One cup of pine nuts.

Arabian bread.

One spoon of cinnamon.

One cup of parsley.


Squeeze the sour cherry until one kilogram of cherry juice is maintained.

Mix the kebab with spices and half of the amount of the pine nuts.

Cut the kebab into small balls.

After that, layer the kebab on skewers and grill them on charcoal. Then it is set aside.

The sour cherry juice is mixed with sugar on a low heat until the sauce is thickened.

To make sure that the sauce is thickened, a piece of bread is placed in the cherry and it must stick on it.

The kebab is added to the juice mixture and its left to boil with the cherries until the cherries are sticked to the kebab.

It is served and garnished with cinnamon and pine nuts.