- Cherry Aluchnah

 - 1 sugar cup

 - kebab

 - Spice spoon

 - A cup of pine nuts

 - Arabic bread

 Cinnamon spoon

 - a cup of parsley

How to prepare:
Squeeze the cherries until you get 1 kilo of cherry juice, mix the kebab with spices and half the amount of pine nuts, cut the kebab into small balls and then chop it on grill skewers and grill on coals, then leave it aside while preserving the juice of the meat

Put the cherry juice with sugar in a saucepan over a quiet fire and leave it until it gets a little complicated to make sure that the juice is thick.

Add the kebab with its juice and leave it to boil a little with the cherries until the cherry becomes sticky. The kebab is described and decorated with cinnamon and pine nuts.