Many customers have significant concerns about the quality of Sawakni Lamb meat. However, after trying it, all these fears dissipate. And, of course, when you know the reason, the amazement ceases!

The reason is that our Sawakni Lamb are locally bred and not considered imported. This breed originates from the Sawakni Island and stays with us for several months to acclimate to the environment, feed, and adapt to the region's conditions. They follow a precise feeding program. After that, their meat becomes the best meat you can taste. They are fed only with clover and grains, which positively affects the flavor of their meat.

Origin of Sawakni Lamb and Its Naming:

Sawakni Lamb, or Red Lamb, is considered one of the best local breeds in Sudan, named after the region, it comes from, the city of Sawakin in Sudan. This breed mainly multiplies in the region of Kordofan and its surroundings, with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates being among the top countries importing this breed.

Specifications of Sawakin Sheep:

  • This breed has a large size, with meat extending under the neck, and a long tail.
  • The body color of this breed is usually red, but they can also be found in white, black, or brown variations.
  • The color of their head matches the body color.
  • Their bodies have more hair and a little wool, which is light and soft.

How much does Sawakin Lamb weigh?

  • The weight of these sheep ranges from 20 to 45 kilograms.

After eating it, many prefer Sawakin lamb over other lamb breeds due to their low-fat content and the delicious and unique flavor of their meat. If you are a fan of fresh, lean lamb meat, they are the ideal choice for your meals. After the first purchase, you will undoubtedly reorder and repeat the experience, as they are one of the best meats you can buy.