The atmosphere of Eid Al-Adha is approaching, and with it many families begin preparations to welcome this happy occasion, and meat is considered an essential element on the Eid table. How can we keep sacrificial meat fresh and healthy? When can we eat it safely? What are the proper storage methods for meat? This article provides tips for the health and safety of Eid meat.

Many housewives have begun to prepare and prepare their home to receive Eid. On Eid al-Adha, the kitchen turns into an operating room, and many women are keen to arrange the refrigerator, clean it, and prepare it to receive Eid meat.

Tips for the safety of Eid meat and slaughtered animals

  • It must be at least one year old.
  • One of its horns must not be broken.
  • His foot must not be broken.
  • One of his ears must not be injured.
  • He must not be blind or lame.
  • The scalp and skin should be healthy and free of mange.
  • The appropriate age for slaughter is from 8 to 12 months.

How to know the age of the sacrifice?

1- Sheep under one year old: All four front teeth of the lower jaw are white, milky, and symmetrical.

2- One-year-old sheep: The shape and size of one of the four teeth varies.

3- Sheep from one and a half to two years of age: Replace two pairs of baby teeth, with 4 long teeth in the middle of the lower jaw surrounded on each side by two small baby teeth.

4- The 3-year-old sheep: Replace three of the baby front teeth with long teeth.

5- The 4-year-old sheep: Replace all of its baby teeth with large, sharp teeth.

6- Sheep older than 4 years: It is noted that there are 8 large teeth, and it is noted that they are eating.

When should you stop feeding the sacrifice?

He stresses the importance of not feeding the victim 6 hours before the time of slaughter, so that his digestive system is empty at the time of slaughter, as well as the need to be careful that the sacrifice is not exhausted before slaughter, because that reduces the quality of its meat. Therefore, in the case of sacrifices brought from outside the cities, they must be left to rest. A period of not less than 12 hours.

What are the safety procedures while cutting meat?

- Ensure the cleanliness of the tools used in slaughter, and the utensils in which the meat is divided.

- Separating the place of slaughter and the place of cutting the meat, as well as separating the meat from the rest of the parts of the sacrifice that need to be cleaned, such as the abdominal parts.

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When can sacrificial meat be eaten?

As for the post-slaughter stage, experts advise, regarding the appropriate timing for eating sacrificial meat after slaughter, that it is necessary to place the meat after cutting it in clean containers, and leave it to dry for a period of not less than two hours before putting it in the refrigerator so that it maintains its nutritional value, and it must be ensured that the necessary ventilation is provided for it. , especially during the summer. It is necessary to leave the meat to ventilate before cooking it so that it goes through what is called the “throwing hardening” process, where its acidity changes to prevent the growth of bacteria on it, and the tissues also begin to solidify and retain fluids inside them, and after the ventilation period passes, the meat is allowed to be cooked and eaten.

Top tips on how to store in the refrigerator?

How to properly store and divide meat helps it freeze well and not spoil easily. When cutting meat, the housewife must take into account that each bag contains at most one kilogram of meat, as it is the most appropriate amount for the bag to freeze quickly and easily.

Also, the refrigerator must be arranged. The housewife must place the meat evenly and well on top of each other. Inside is the meat that she will not use soon and which she will use directly near her hand. Marinated meat must be placed away from unmarinated meat in special dishes in the freezer so that they do not mix with each other. Studies have confirmed the necessity of not washing fresh meat and placing it as it is in the freezer in order to preserve its nutritional value and not change its taste when cooking. It is necessary to use transparent and uncolored bags in order to ensure that the meat is not stained with harmful colors. It is also preferable to put the meat in pieces rather than use it directly, so that it is easier for every housewife to use it in preparing her delicious dishes.

Does eating liver directly after slaughter have health complications?

As for eating liver immediately after slaughter, experts have explained that eating it does not cause any health harm except for those who suffer from health problems that prevent them from eating liver in general, such as atherosclerosis, liver disease, or others.

What should be done when eating meat?

It is recommended that when eating a meal of meat, its ingredients include vegetables, as they rid the body of toxins, and drink lemon juice without sugar, and also parsley in the salad.

It is necessary to eat fruits and vegetables before meat and not after it in order to preserve digestive enzymes and to avoid the formation of meat deposits that may burden the digestive system. Citrus fruits such as kiwi and pineapple are preferred, and if they are not available, apples are recommended, while avoiding mangoes to avoid high levels of salts in the body. It is also recommended to reduce Of coffee and a lot of herbs, such as anise and chamomile, as they relax the colon and rid it of oxidation.

Is there any harm in cooking meat immediately after taking it out of the freezer?

Nutrition experts have stressed that cooking meat immediately after taking it out of the freezer is better than waiting until the ice turns into water and loses all the nutritional benefits. It is preferable to cook the meat directly so that it can benefit from these nutrients in its soup.

However, if you take the meat out of the freezer to thaw it, it is preferable to leave it in the refrigerator until it thaws, and do not leave it in the room or on the kitchen shelves until it reaches room temperature because that increases the risk of bacteria multiplying in it.

How long should meat stay in the freezer?

It is preferable not to leave meat in the freezer for more than two months, as after this period it begins to gradually lose its nutritional value.

Important guidelines from the World Health Organization regarding meat and slaughtered animals

It is advised not to slaughter at home, and advises doing so in facilities designated for that in each region, while disposing of animal waste in the correct place to prevent contamination.

The organization explained that accredited slaughterhouses are considered the sound and ideal solution to ensure food safety, because they follow sound practices during the stages of animal slaughter through veterinary examination before and after slaughter, and provide a clean and safe environment for slaughter, which prevents contamination, in addition to the presence of qualified and legally licensed butchers.

Enjoy Eid Al Adha and keep your meat fresh and healthy. Follow proper storage tips and enjoy the most delicious Eid meals in complete safety. Eid Mubarak and an acceptable sacrifice!