If you're wondering What’s sacrifice per kilogram? or how much a Sacrifice weighs?, here are the details:

A Sacrifice is halal animal that has been slaughtered and its entire body is used for consumption. It involves a series of specific steps and conditions that are applied in approved municipal slaughterhouses in Saudi Arabia in accordance with Islamic Shariaa to obtain the meat from the Sacrifice.

The Sacrifice is an animal that has been slaughtered, and its parts, including the meat and fat, are obtained for food consumption.

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"Meat and More" is known for its special methods of selling complete animals, taking the Halal portion exclusively without any impurities, residues, hair, stomach, or anything not used. This means that you pay for the weight of the meat obtained from the animal or the sacrifice.

The difference between selling sacrifice by weight and regular meat by weight?

"Meat and More" offers a complete range of fresh and high-quality lamb meat, either as a whole sacrifice with the net weight of the animal after slaughter, removal of its stomach, and disposal of its waste, or as refrigerator-cut pieces tailored to the specific requirements of discerning customers. "Meat and More" can supply top-quality lamb meat year-round to meet the needs of our valued customers. The price of the Sacrifice is calculated based on its actual weight, ensuring you get meat equivalent to the price paid, with quality and service exceeding your expectations.

Our role doesn't end with providing the product or service to our customers; it extends to the post-sale phase by following up with our customers, caring about their opinions and feedback, and evaluating customer satisfaction through in-store reviews.

Here is an explanatory video of "Meat and More" performing the complete preparation process for a whole Sacrifice, from cleaning and slaughtering to packaging and preparation for delivery to the delivery representative, ensuring it arrives fresh and pure, ready to be enjoyed. Additionally, we take pride in our safe delivery process.

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The concept and importance of Sacrifice:

In Islamic Sharia, Sacrifice refers to an animal that has been slaughtered following the conditions of Islamic ritual slaughter, which involves cutting the throat, windpipe, and esophagus in a specific manner. If any of these parts are not cut completely, or if the animal dies before the process is completed, it is not permissible to consume its meat.

Sacrifice is the primary part of the animal suitable for human consumption, providing essential nutrition. It includes the muscles and lean meat, excluding excess fat and connective tissues. The composition of meat may vary depending on the type of cut, particularly in terms of fat content and connective tissues.

Important parts of the Sacrifice include the thigh area, the central area between the shoulder and thigh, and the shoulder itself. Different cuts of meat have variations in their chemical composition, especially regarding fat and connective tissues.

The Weight of a Sacrifice:

The weight of a Sacrifice can vary depending on its type and source. There are medium-sized Sacrifices weighing between 17 kg and 25 kg, as well as smaller ones tailored for small families, ranging from 13 kg to 16 kg. "Meat and More" ensures that the net weight of the halal Sacrifice is delivered without any loss or waste. The accompanying slaughterhouse invoice matches the delivery day, guaranteeing the freshness of the Sacrifice.

You can find the Sacrifice policies of "Meat and More" here: Sacrifice Policies

Characteristics of the Sacrifice and meat quality:

The Sacrifice must come from an’aam animals, which include sheep, goats, camels, and cattle. The animal should be free from defects. Quality characteristics of the Sacrifice include tenderness, which is influenced by the age of the animal (younger animals are typically more tender), the size of the cuts, the quality of the lean meat, and the color of the upper fat.

In addition to the meat's quality, considerations for the Sacrifice also include its meat yield, the percentage of fat, and bone content. "Meat and More" offers a variety of Sacrifice options, with a focus on meat productivity, fat content, and the overall quality of the meat.

If you're looking for an exceptional dining experience and unmatched quality, Meat and More is your ideal destination for the best Sacrifices. Enjoy the taste of fresh, delicious meat and create unforgettable meals with your family and friends.

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