4 chicken breast.

Small spoon of salt and black pepper.

Small spoon of powdered onion, powdered garlic.

Small spoon of paprika.

Cooking oil.

Cup of rusk.

Cup of white flour.

2 eggs.


Pound the chicken breast until it is thin.

In a bowl, place salt, black pepper, powdered garlic, powdered onion and paprika and mix them together.

Place the chicken in the spice mixture and toss them. The seasoned chicken is left for half an hour to marinate well.

Wrap the chicken pieces in a roll shape.

Secure it with a toothpick.

Prepare a plate to dip the rolled chicken, put the egg, salt and black pepper in a plate and the rusk in a plate.

Dip the rolled chicken in the egg mixture and then in the rusk.

After that, we put them in the oil fryer and fry them until golden.

Serve it on a plate.