Food is the basis of a child's health

No mother gets tired of her constant attempts to feed her children properly, and to include healthy food for children in his daily meals. The mother knows very well that the correct nutrition of children paves the way for the child’s development and has lifelong benefits for making positive and healthy choices.

But there is always a common thing that all mothers face with their children, which is malnutrition in children, their selectivity, and their desire to eat unhealthy favorite foods that cannot be relied upon to build their bodies.

And here begins the attempts and bargains to make the child eat healthy food continuously, and for this you

7 guidelines that make children's nutrition more healthy, and help in attracting your child to healthy food while controlling your child's selective appetite for food

  • If he's not hungry, don't force him to eat because babies have an innate ability to adjust their intake to meet energy needs.
  • Reducing distractions for your child to help him focus while eating meals.
  • Participate your child in buying and preparing healthy food, let him shop for his food with fun, and guide him to healthy food.
  • Offer your child a healthy plate or a school lunch box in cartoon shapes that attract him, such as eggs in the shape of a smiley face and a burger in the shape of stars.
  • Do not give up, even if you try a lot with your child, teach him how to choose healthy food, talk to him more about the benefits of proper children's nutrition, and encourage him more than once until he gets a healthy and useful dish.
  • Start your day by building your body, and keep breakfast with your child early in the morning, because it is one of the most important meals that contribute to building his structure, developing his mind, and improving children's nutrition in general.
  • Plan with your family fun activities that support your children's movement and increase their activity and concentration for at least 60 minutes a day, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization for children.
  • Finally, remember that your child's eating habits will not change overnight, and proper child nutrition is not easy, but the small steps you take every day can help boost the appetite for healthy food for children.

The role of proteins in children's nutrition

Healthy food for children and proper nutrition for children depend on the inclusion of protein in all their food. This is because proteins manufacture vital components of the child's body, such as bones and muscles. It also maintains the level of PH in the blood and manufactures enzymes and hormones for the body, which helps your child's body to protect against diseases and increase the body's immunity.

Among the most important sources of protein that help in feeding children in a healthy way are fish, red meat, chicken, legumes and nuts, and to follow up on the correct nutrition of children

Where the child needs 0.9 grams of protein per kilogram of the child's weight on a daily basis, to cover his body's need for nutrients and proper growth.

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