Who are the ships of the desert? What is the relationship between calming nerves and reducing stress?

Have you ever felt very stressed and wanted something to calm you down?

If you try eating a plate of camel meat at the time, you will find that things have become much calmer. Camel meat activates nerve cells and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.

But that's not the only reason why you love camels. Behind every bite and sip of milk is a story of one of the most powerful and hardy mammals, and benefits you may not know before about every part of your body.

What is the story behind this delicious meat, light and full of benefits, and for whom is camel the ideal meal for them, and why?

Here are 6 facts about camels, the ship of the desert

1- Camels are mammals that have the ability to adapt to their environment. They have long legs, a convex back, and a third eyelid that protects their eyes from blowing sand.

2- Camels are not picky about what they eat, as they do not eat meat. Rather, camels are considered herbivores that feed on thorny plants that most other animals cannot eat.

3- Camels have the ability to hydrate their bodies faster than any other mammal. Water is very important to camels. When water is available, they can drink 30 gallons (113 liters) of water in just 13 minutes.

4- Camels are perfectly adapted to living in this changing environment as well, by storing fat in their humps. In these humps, camels store fat, not water! And when food and water are in short supply throughout the desert, camels use the fat in their humps to provide vital nutrients. 9.3g of fat releases 1.13g of water, according to research by the University of Singapore.

5- There are two types of camels, the Arabian camel, which has one hump and lives in a warmer climate, and the Bactrian camel, which has two humps and is a rugged camel in a cold climate.

6- It has many benefits, including that it has been used by humans as a means of transportation for thousands of years, as camels can carry about (170-270 kilograms) on their backs. That is why camels were called the ships of the desert, in addition to their production of the best types of leather and wool, the most delicious meat and milk full of benefits.

As for the benefits of camels, here are 5 benefits that camel meat and milk give your body

1- Camel milk is considered among the best types of milk in the world due to its low content of fats and saturated fats compared to any other milk. It also contains sufficient amounts of iron and vitamin C. Nutrition experts mention that camel milk has the ability to:

  • Improving the immune system.
  • It stimulates blood circulation, prevents diabetes, and improves heart health.

    2- Eating camel meat reduces the risk of cancer, as it contains a large percentage of fatty acids and antioxidants.

    3- It reduces the incidence of heart disease and stroke.

    4- Strengthening the body's immune system due to its high iron content.

    5- Activates nerve cells and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.

    For whom is camel meat an ideal meal for them?

    • Those who want to get an ideal weight, because it has a low percentage of fat.
    • Those who suffer from cholesterol diseases due to its low percentage of fat.
    • Those who suffer from anemia, because it contains iron, as we mentioned before.

    Dr. Amal Fathi, Obesity and Underweight Consultant, points out that camel meat is one of the most important meats that contain many important nutrients, such as iron, carbohydrates and antioxidants.

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