If you are a fan of traditional dishes and want to explore the Arab culinary heritage, then Haneeth recipe is one of the meals you must try. It is a meal characterized by simplicity and unique flavors, and reflects the culinary heritage in different regions of the Arab world.
In this article, we will take you on a delicious tour to explore the Haneeth recipe in all its details. We will explain to you the steps necessary to prepare this traditional dish, while providing tips and advice to ensure the best result in the kitchen. Join us on this journey to enjoy an irresistible heritage taste from Meat & More.

Haneeth recipe at home

  • Meat markh sticks
  • salt

How to make Haneeth recipe at home

  • Arrange the markh sticks over the embers
  • Add the meat seasoned with spices and salt
  • Cover the oven tightly, then leave the ingredients in the oven for at least two hours
  • Then serve the meat haneeth over rice as desired
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